Line Up

Simon Says 2017 headliners confirmed…

jah-wobble  jim-bob Lets Play 2016  smoove-turrelluncle-frank  Aziz and Dal Line-Up SS 2017 Hymn f Her Line-Up SS 2017  Mick Pini BandLine-Up SS 2017 Quadrophenia Club Night Line-Up SS 2017  Stone Foundation Line-Up SS 2017

With stellar support from a wealth of local and, slightly further afield, talent ….

Anoa Line-Up SS 2017  ash-mammal
Aztec Temple Line-Up SS 2017  bellatones
bluebird-parade  Bodrum Sailing Club Line-Up SS2017
Brandon Neal  charlotte-carpenter
Chris Duckett Line-Up SS 2017  cohesion
CC & DB  Dan Wright Line-Up SS 2017
Dawson Smith Line-Up SS 2017  dr x Line-Up SS 2017
Dust and Debris Line-Up SS 2017  eden
ex-comets  goan-dogs
guru  her-name-is-calla
Kelly Jenns Line-Up SS 2017  Kenneth J nash
king-brasstards  lakuta
Luke Broughton Line Up SS 2017
  Michael Vickers Line-Up SS 2017  
Mikey Kerslake Line-Up SS 2017 
 Mountaintop Junkshop
nia-soul  Nikki Pope Line-Up SS 2017
Paul McClure Line-Up SS 2017  produkty
Rice and Peas Line-Up SS 2017  Skam Line-Up SS 2017 
sophia-marshall  daydream-club
Dedbeats Line-Up SS 2017  Della Grants Line-Up SS 2017 
the-double-yellers  Downtown Drifters Line-Up SS 2017
The Gadjos Line-Up SS 2017  The Hardy Bandthe-midnight-dogs  The Millmen Line-Up SS 2017
Ruby Doos Line-Up SS 2017  The Status Trio Line-Up SS 2017
tin-pigeons  Whiskey Rebeliion Line-Up SS 2017 Titanic Jazz  Tony Alles
Vitallion III Line-Up SS 2017

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