Aziz & Dal

Indoor Stage: Saturday 29 July

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When Aziz Ibrahim aka “#LordOfTheStrings” met Dalbir Singh Rattan, aka “#TablaJedi”. sparks flew!

The AZIZ band was now reborn after the demise of the original band line up with Mike Joyce (The Smiths) & Andy Rourke (The Smiths).

Aziz Ibrahim’s unusual musical history is a journey unparalleled in rock. From humble Manchester British Pakistani roots playing in reggae, rap & rockabilly bands, he began professionally in Simply Red then ‘Asia’, The Stone Roses then onto songwriter for Ian Brown & Paul Weller not to mention numerous other stars on the way culminating in his brain child ‘Aziz’.

Dalbir Singh Rattan, Leeds born ‘Viceroy’ of Tabla is a gifted player from the Banaris style. Creation of the great Shri Sukhwinder Singh Namthari. The power house that is Dalbir Singh Rattan introduces the future of British drumming in the shape of his mighty Tablas. Never has anyone experienced the rhythms & dynamics not to mention the speed that this man is capable of!

Aziz Ibrahims’ song writing skills & Desi Asian Mancunian guitar playing coupled with Dalbir Singh Rattan’s exceptional aggressive drum skills gave birth to a new aesthetic of British music called the ‘Asian Blues’.

The ‘AZIZ’ live shows are an aggressive, enthralling riot of songs, psychedelia, melody and percussion that burns with an electrifying energy that delights every single audience with breath taking performances.

“They sound like The White Stripes of Mumbai. I love it!” Paul Weller

“Aziz Ibrahim is a genius. I’m lucky to have met him. He should be living in a big house with a giant guitar sized swimming pool, but he just wants to play!” Ian Brown

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