Bodrum Sailing Club

Bodrum web imageIndoor stage: Saturday 29 July
Bodrum Sailing Club is run on steam. It’s produced by four men. They’re all different.
Four pizzas with big ideas: three with chin beards, one without. He has the baby features. But, there is a pugilist, an academic, a man who lives on a boat, and a man who bends like a reed in the wind. They’re in this band, and its got songs. They come from the academic. He just seems to harvest stuff from social media; distilling the ripe and the over ripe into diatribe and invective. But, you wouldn’t know it though: ‘sea shanties about the unpalatable’ is what someone said. And I believe it: Katie Hopkins, Donald Trump, the refugee crisis and the challenge of being married to a racist. It’s a right old mix.
But, the band are good. Like gold. So, if you want something that smells of the uncanny, BSC will float your boat.