Marquee Stage: Sunday 30 July


“The beauty of music today is that you can find a diamond in the rough, or psychedelic mushrooms in the grass, whilst searching through the muck and mud that is the music industry. Enter GU-RU.” Flea Market Funk

GU-RU is a trio comprising of keys, drums and bass. It is a “bouillabaisse of Cosmic funk, soul and Full-Tilt-Motor-Groove” (FMF), drawing inspiration from diverse artists such as The Doors, Return to Forever, Tame Impala and Herbie Hancock.

For the past decade members of GU-RU have performed worldwide, working with the likes of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Alabama 3 and Z-Star to name but a few.

The band’s second E.P, Into the Light, released 3.12.16 on Cat on The Howling Moon Records, has already been hailed a triumph by critics who describe it as “sounding rather like a young Jim Morrison…fabulous Fender Rhodes…lush horn textures…intergalactic synth accents” (Plunger) and “What these funk virtuosos decided to do is create they’re own version of a psych jazz funk and give us ‘Into The Light’, four radio tunes with enough catchy melodies to stick to your brain” (We are the last beatniks).

GU-RU is Lee Spreadbury (The Dirty Backbeats/Z-Star/Rosco Levee) on keyboards, organs, synthesizers and vocals; Malcolm D’Sa (Out of Karma) on drums; and Adam Banszkiewicz (Marika Ling) on bass.