Jah Wobble

Indoor Stage: Sunday 30 July


John Wardle originally met John Lydon, John Grey and Sid Vicious at Kingsway College, London, in 1973. It was Vicious who originally nicknamed John “Jah Wobble” after a drunken binge, and would also loan him his first bass guitar. With his love of Dub music combined with the D.I.Y. punk ethos, Wardle embraced punk and reggae, and in the process, created an original rock reggae hybrid of his own.

Lydon asked Wardle to join Public Image Limited (aka PiL) during the spring of 1978. Wardle’s distinctive low end bass immediately put PiL on the map and became the backbone of the band. The band’s debut album Public Image Limited included the band’s eponymous first Top 10 hit single.

He then moved on to solo work with his passion for Eastern and Global music. With his band, The Invaders of the Heart, he went on to work with such luminaries as Baaba Maal, Chaka Demus, Jaki Leiberzeit from Can, Brian Eno, et al.

He started work with Chinese performers and won the Longlines magazine World Music award for Chinese Dub.

He is currently working on a new album.

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