Luke Broughton

Bandstand: Saturday 29 July

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Luke Broughton is a modern day singer song writer. His songs are beautiful and touching. They are poetic songs of love and life that strike a chord inside.

His vocal range is quite spectacular and his lyrics speak of the highs and lows on the journey through life in a way we can all connect with. He is a refreshing commentator of his time. Luke’s soaring and haunting vocals overlaid with simple finger picked guitar are a joy and some of his melodies will stay with you long after the stage is empty.

A comment heard by a young woman after a recent Luke Broughton performance sums him up, “Oh you mean that nice looking young man with the tattoos whose song made me cry”.

With an ever growing reputation as a must see, unique act, Luke will be taking to the stage at a handful of shows over the summer to debut new material before returning to the studio with a view to a debut release in early 2018.

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